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Vacuum Pump PRODUCTS

Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products


This model of two-stage water-ring vacuum pump system is coaxial with two-stage pumps. The ventilation path between the two stages is consist of the middle plate and connecting pipe, so the structure is very compact.The parts of electronic motor and pump is driven by coupling. The pump and electronic motor are installed on the same common pedestal.According to the structure of extraction and seal, it is divided into ordinary pump and model-A pump.

The pump of this model is mainly used to extract, suct and transfer aire and other gases.For example, vacuum evaporation and drying in chemical industry, vacuum dehydration in textile and paper industry etc.It can be used as prepump sealing for Roots blower pump and the range of use for Roots blower pump can be greatly improved.

Main specifications:
Model    pumping speed (L/S) Uitimate pressur ≤(Pa)  Motor power
Bore of airinlet&outlet
(inch & mm)
Air inlet
Overall dimensinons
2S-185A 35 3500 5.5 1440 ½" 50 185 1233*370*440
2S-230 70 11 1450 25 50 420 1505*450*610
2SK-12 200 30 1470 ¾" 65 605 1775*550*660
2SK-25 400 55 980 2" 100 1200 2360*660*920

Vacuum Pump Related Products

Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products